Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh

We Strive For Maritime Excellence

Deans Corner

BSMRMU with its motto "We Strive for Maritime Excellence" is committed to provide necessary human resources for the nation, through creation of effective and knowledgeable human resource in the coming days. To fulfill this commitment, Faculty of Maritime Governance and Policy has been running its academic activities successfully since its very inception. Under this Faculty, Department of Maritime Law & Policy is presently running LLM Maritime Law Programme. The purpose of LLM programme is to train law students in relevant areas of international maritime law, including the law of the sea, marine environmental law and shipping law. Faculty of Maritime Governance and Policy examines the economic, legal, political, and social aspects of the world ocean, the seabed, and the coastal zone. Students and faculty in the program analyze public issues regarding the law of the sea, ports and shipping, international trade, marine insurance, , and marine environment.

We firmly believe that our curriculum provides students with quality education for careers in traditional legal practice, the corporate world, government and public services including other traditional and contemporary careers. In addition to the formal course works, the Faculty also arranges special moot court, industrial visit, seminars and workshops, which contributes to enrich the learning experience of our students. Students under this faculty have opportunities to focus on their desired area of expertise and acquire analytical skills. Students of our faculty can develop expertise in the theory and practice of policy and governance, policy analysis, and policy research related to the management and protection of marine resources, ocean and coastal ecosystems. I hope that the students along with the faculty members can work together towards better maritime governance in our sea area and they will explore and exploit maritime resources and our country will stride forward towards 'Blue Economy' with a faster pace.

Cdre M Ziauddin Alamgir, (L), NGP, fdc, psc, BN
Dean, Faculty of Maritime Governance & Policy