Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh

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About the Library

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University central library is a potentially developing library which tries to collect and preserve a considerable amount of books, journals, periodicals, articles, newspapers, e-books, e-journals, reference books, etc. As this is a Specialized University in Bangladesh, so the library has some rare collections on Marine Science, Port and Shipping Management, Naval Architecture, Maritime law, Business Studies related to maritime subjects. On the other hand, the library has ensured full access facilities to 2200 e-books of Taylor and Francis group under the University Grant Commission Digital Library program (UDL). Beside this, the library is planning to become a member of INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications) that will keep the readers updated by providing almost 20,000 scientific e-journals and some e-books.

Collections of books and other reading materials:

The library has a collection of almost 600 books and 83 journals in different subjects like Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Port and Shipping Management, Law, Maritime Law, Economics, Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management etc to fulfill the requirement of the library users and has taken initiative to enrich the library collection by purchasing and collecting the related books from all possible sources.

The library is also trying to subscribe maritime related journals, articles, e-journals etc to keep update news regarding maritime issues all over the world and help the library users to do their research work without difficulties.


The library has the access facilities to the 2200 e-Books of Taylor and Francis group under The University Grant Commission Digital Library program in the following subject categories:

  • Computer Science – 220
  • Environmental Science – 220
  • Material Science – 220
  • Nano Technology and Nano Science – 220
  • Mathematics – 220
  • Business and Management – 220
  • Development Studies – 220
  • Economics - 220
  • English Language and Linguistics – 220
  • Law – 220

Students and other library members have the full access facilities to read download and preserved of the above mentioned e-Books.

Borrowing of Library Materials:

  • Bonafide library members will be allowed to borrow library materials i.e. books, journal, CD, DVD etc. However, due to limitation and paucity of the materials, student and faculty members will only be allowed to borrow library materials. Others will be allowed subject to the availability of the items and with the permission of the University Librarian.
  • Each person will be allowed to borrow maximum 02 books/materials at a time. Issue will be made for maximum 07 days.
  • Books which are rare or books of reference shall not be issued from the Library.
  • A fine of taka 25/- for each book/material and taka 5/- for each CD/DVD per day will be imposed after due date till the return of the book.
  • If the borrowed library material is not returned within 03 weeks after due date, it will be assumed that the borrowed item has been lost by the borrower. He/she will, thereby, be liable for the full/part of replacement cost and accumulated fines for the item borrowed.
  • There is no option of fine waiver except medical ground. For fine waiver or reduction of fines, students may apply to the Vice Chancellor through Librarian mentioning the proper reason(s) along with relevant doctor's prescription or hospital documents, etc.
  • The Librarian may refuse to lend out books to any member stating the reason for such refusal.

Replacements/Compensation for Lost Item:

  • An application addressing to the Librarian is required for replacement or compensation for lost item mentioning the actual reason(s).
  • The borrower must replace the lost book/CD/DVD-ROM by a new and unused copy of the same author(s), title, and edition. The old edition can be replaced by the latest edition. Or, Compensation must be paid as determined by the library authority.
  • User will be liable for the full/part of replacement cost and accumulated fines for the item borrowed.
  • Compensation for library materials damaged or lost by the borrower will be assessed by the Librarian, and this assessment is final.
  • Replacements/compensation procedure for lost or damaged items should be completed within next 07 working days after placing application.

Service of the Library:

  • The Library shall be opened from 8.00 A. M. to 5.00 P.M. while the university is in session and from 0900 hours 1400 hours during vacations. It shall be wholly closed on university holidays.
  • All library members are allowed to use the library during the above mentioned time.
  • Members specially the students wishing to use the library have to show BSMRMU Identity Card at the library reception desk.
  • The Librarian is empowered to permit persons other than the members to use the Library (not borrowing) on such terms and conditions as he thinks fit subject to report by him periodically to the Vic-Chancellor.
  • The Librarian is empowered to close the Library when he thinks circumstances justify it.
  • Seats and E-library computer terminals are not reserved.
  • One computer will be used for one user only, maximum using period 1 hour at a time.
  • Library preserves some reference books and journals for the help of academic purposes and to accelerate research facilities which are restricted to use inside the library and not for issue.