Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh

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Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University (BSMRMU) Mechanical Transport office provides transport service to the BSMRMU community with convenient and safe journey for officers , teachers, staff and students through some convenient transportation options , like Jeep, Car, Micro bus, Mini Bus, Pick Up and Motor cycle. Mechanical Transport office is always ready to provide best transport facility with limited recourse.

Transport Facility

BSMRMU have Transport facility to pick & drop the officers, teachers, staff and students from office to residence. We also provide transport service for any kinds of official work when it is needed to move far distance from University. The resource of transport facility is given below.

SL Vehicle Type Quantity
01 Jeep 01
02 Car 03
03 Micro bus 01
04 Mini bus 01
05 Pick Up 01
06 Motor cycle 02


Registrar of this university is the administrative head of Mechanical Transport. Under the guidance of Registrar, Mechanical Transport officer manage and control all transport.

Responsible Person

SL Name Appointment Contact


Lieutenant M M Jahangir, (SD), (S), BN

Deputy Registrar
Mechanical Transport



Md. Amirul Mostofa

MT Supervisor


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