Dr. Kh. Atikur Rahman

Name: Dr. Kh. Atikur Rahman

Designation: Associate Professor (English)

Contact: +88 09666776868

Email: atikur.eng@bsmrmu.edu.bd

Blood Group: O+

Present address: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Permanent Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh

About: Dr. Kh Atikur Rahman is an associate professor of English and Communication at BSMR Maritime University. He is Joint Secretary to the Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (BELTA). He completed PhD, MA, and BA (Hons in English) degrees at the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh). He received an International Diploma in Teaching from the University of Cambridge (UK). He also received a Certificate in TESOL from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (USA). He attended a month-long advanced training in higher education teaching at Shanghai Maritime University (China). He has extensive research experience in several funded national and multinational research projects with colleagues from the UK, USA, Australia, India, Nepal, Senegal, Sudan, and Bangladesh. He worked as a researcher in a mega ELT project in Bangladesh funded by the Department for International Development, UK. He is currently leading a national research project on xenoglossophobia funded by UGC (Bangladesh) and also contributing to a TOEFL project funded by ETS (USA). He has published 19 research articles and 4 books. He presented at over 30 seminars and conferences at national and international levels. The areas of his current research interests are curriculum and assessment, EdTech, equity and inclusion, and mental health in education; medical and environmental humanities.
Research Area:
Research Interests:

▪ ELT/TESOL ▪ Educational technology ▪ Educational psychology ▪ Gender and Youth

Academic Qualifications:
Sl Exam Institute Year Result
1 PhD 2021 Awarded
Professional Memberships:

·      Joint Secretary, Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (BELTA)

·      Member, IATEFL (Int’l Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), UK

·      Member (online), New England Association of Teachers of English, USA


·      Received full funds for the Int’l Diploma, CIE, the University of Cambridge, UK

·      Received full funds for an advanced training at Shanghai Maritime University, China

·      Received full funds for the Master’s program at the University of Dhaka. Bangladesh

·      General Govt. Scholarship at the postgraduate level by the Government of Bangladesh

·      Talent-pool Scholarship at the undergraduate level by Dhaka Education Board

·      University Undergraduate Scholarship by the University of Dhaka. Bangladesh

·      Talent-pool Scholarship (1998-'00) at the higher secondary school (HSC) level

awarded by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka. Bangladesh

·      Talent-pool Scholarship (1998-'00) awarded by Notre Dame College, Dhaka

·      Gold Medal-'98 by Shekhdi Abdullah Mollah High School, Dhaka, Bangladesh

·      Merit Scholarship (1997-'98) in Class-10 awarded by Sheikhdi AM High School


Sl Designation Organization From To Remarks
1 Associate Professor BSMRMU

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·      Harun, M. & Rahman, K. A. (submitted). English as Medium of Instruction at the Bangladeshi Universities—Policies, and Potentials, MEXTESOL (Scopus indexed, Q2 journal)

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