About Faculty of Maritime Business ..

About Faculty of Maritime Business Studies

Bangladesh is a country with huge potential in the field of blue economy. The prospect of this sector lies not only within the proximity of the Bay of Bengal (BoB), but also in the abundance on natural resources and sea foods that the BoB has to offer. Bangladesh is blessed to have a broad swath of territorial waters with a surface area approximately 1.5 times larger than its land area. The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) comprising 200 NM from the nearest base point of the Territorial Sea Baseline provides Bangladesh with ample opportunities of carrying out economic activities in this vast area. Understandably, maritime business opportunities do not necessarily remain confined within the maritime boundaries of Bangladesh. In a globalized setup, while having a sizeable coastline, and being straddled between the ocean highways, it seems practical for Bangladesh to explore and avail the maritime business opportunities in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).

Despite the extraordinary prospects of maritime business opportunities for Bangladesh, the challenges looming large in the horizon also require proper attention. Because of the lack of knowledge about the unique nature of maritime enterprises, specialized market structure, and globalized competition, Bangladesh is lagging behind to grab the full benefit of maritime business opportunities. To develop quality human resources and experts in the fields of maritime business and economics, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University (BSMRMU) has a dedicated faculty- Faculty of Maritime Business Studies (FMBS). The faculty consists of six departments-    

  • Department of Management
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Accounting Information System
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management

Officers Information:

Name Picture Designation / Appointment Contact No & E-mail
Md. Zayedul Kabir Zahid Section Officer, FMBS 01922-493717