Department of Accounting and Information Systems

The Department of Accounting & Information Systems (AIS) was started under the Faculty of Maritime Business Studies (FMBS) to foster theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting and its implications. After graduating from this department, students will be able to understand the different accounting concepts, conventions, guidelines, and accounting standards. Subsequently, the obtained knowledge of accounting and information systems will lead the students to contribute to every relevant sector and largely towards national developments. According to the draft academic master plan, the Department of Accounting and Information Systems (AIS) will start its undergraduate and master’s program in the academic session 2025-26.

Objectives of this Department:

1. The main objective of this department is to provide quality education to its students by making them equipped with various tools and techniques necessary for maintaining accounting activities.

2. The department will also help the students understand and maintain a system of financial data recording, organizing, and summarizing.

3. The department’s aim is to make the students understandable financial data management systems using artificial intelligence (AI).

4. The department will also train its students to understand different software necessary for complying with the requirements of the 21st century.

5. After the completion of graduate and post-graduate degrees from this department, students will be able to make decisions regarding the entity's financial matters and may positively contribute to the financial reporting systems.

6.     Largely, helping the graduates to build a career through acquiring the knowledge of adaptivity and technological changes in both financial and non-financial data management systems.

Prospective Job Areas:

After passing out from this department, the students will be able to make their careers as public accountants in both government and corporate sectors, and as accounting service providers in various maritime sectors like ports, shipping agencies, transport, and the logistics industry.

Faculty Members:

Shahnaz Akter

Lecturer (Accounting and Information Systems)