Institute of Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh Studies (IBBBS)

Institute of Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh Studies (IBBBS)

Institute of Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh Studies (IBBBS) has been established focusing on the research activities in maritime sectors at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University (BSMRMU), Bangladesh. After acquiring a vast area in maritime sector Bangladesh has a scope to contribute herself in the national economy, education, and research arena. In BSMRMU, IBBBS boasts an academic environment that is highly competitive and conducive to research. The institute deals with the post graduate students as well as faculty members for different research purposes. It has also access to the undergraduate students who are involved in different research activities with the concerned departments. Besides, this institute delivers a fair environment to the researchers as it has a mini library and well-equipped research work-station with high speed internet access. The aim is to provide a research environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and independent problem-solving skills. At present the activities which are carried out in IBBBS are as follows:

Activities of the Institute:

• To conduct research activities which are related to Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh issues.

• To assist the post graduate students for conducting their research works.

• To amplify research perception in the maritime sector in revealing new dimensions with the upcoming challenges.

• To bring all types of marine professionals on a common platform to share knowledge and perform research and development works.

• To conduct various educational programs and research works for sustainable development of the maritime service and industrial sector of the country.


• To organize short certificate course like “Port and Shipping Studies” for the professionals of government and non-government organizations, who wants to enrich their knowledge through partnership and sharing with networking provided by the institute. The institute has already completed two short certificate course programs in 2019 and 2020.

 IBBBS Journal

Overview: The Institute of Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh Studies (IBBBS) of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh (BSMRMU), is pleased to announce the maiden issue of the IBBBS Journal. The journal aims to serve as a platform for scholarly discourse and knowledge dissemination on diverse topics related to the Bay of Bengal and Bangladesh region. IBBBS invites researchers, scholars, and practitioners to contribute their original, unpublished and innovative research on International and Regional Geopolitics, Maritime Science & Technology, Maritime Affairs & Security, Blue Economy, Marine Environment & Climate Change, Marine Transportation and related fields.

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Information of Officers

Commodore Md Minarul Hoque, (H), BCGM, psc, BN

Director (IBBBS)

Nayeema Rashid

Lecturer, IBBBS

Petty Officer Md. Ruhul Amin

Administrative Officer, IBBBS