About the Library

University libraries are used as intellectual repositories for both teaching and research. The most important element of a university is the library. No university can grow and produce high-quality research and publications without a well-stocked library. BSMRMU Central Library and Archive began its journey at the very beginning of the university's academic duties. Currently, the library's holdings include more than 7,000 printed books, 5786 electronic books, more than 300 printed journals, and a sizable number of electronic journals from several renowned publishers like Wiley, Taylor, and Francis, Emerald, JSTOR, Manupatra (Online Database for Legal Research) and others. The e-resources are available to library patrons throughout the globe 24 hours a day. To ensure the maximum use of the library materials in a smooth way within the short time the library is operating through KOHA Library Management software. The library is using DSpace software to make all the thesis papers softcopy available online. It also preserves the university’s own publications like Annual Report, Maritime Campus Magazine, Newsletter, Bangladesh Maritime Journal, and all other literary works. The library is attempting to subscribe to additional subject-related e-books and e-journals as well as buy printed books and journals in order to expand its collections and services among its users.

Moreover, the library has set up a corner in the name of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that is called ‘Bangabandhu Corner’ and another one is ‘Liberation War Corner’. These will help to enrich the knowledge of our students, faculties, researchers and officers about the life, work, ideology, sacrifice, and philosophy of Bangabandhu, the glorious birth history of Bangladesh through the liberation war, and the language movement.

To know more about the Liberation War of Bangladesh, please visit :

As it is now in a temporary campus, its development and extension activities are progressing at a slow pace. Hopefully, in the near future, the university will shift to its permanent campus and the library will have a separate building. After shifting to the permanent campus the library aims to ensure a modern library with all necessary equipment and technical features. Set up IT-based information system and to ensure a safe and secure reading environment with sufficient resources and facilities for best library practice.

The library also has a plan for software-based library management and self-checkout and book-dropping system with RFID facilities.

Finally, in order to create and improve our new and emerging responsibilities, we will continue to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of current library initiatives and encourage cooperation across internal and external boundaries.


E-Resources: The library users have 24/7 access facilities to -

  1. Taylor and Francis: The library is subscribing 2200 e-books of Taylor and Francis Group in 10 different subject categories. These are as follows:
    • Computer Science – 220
    • Environmental Science – 220
    • Material Science – 220
    • Nano Technology and Nano Science – 220
    • Mathematics – 220
    • Business and Management – 220
    • Development Studies – 220
    • Economics - 220
    • English Language and Linguistics – 220
    • Law – 220
  2. Wiley Online Books: 3586 e-books from Wiley Online Books in various subjects.
  3. JSTOR (e-journals): A huge amount of journals from JSTOR.
  4. Emerald (e-journals): A large number of e-journals covering various subjects.
  5. Manupatra: The online database for legal research. It is specially designated for the students of Law departments.

Library Rules:

  • Each person will be allowed to borrow maximum 02 books/materials at a time. Issue will be made for a period of maximum 15 days. However, teachers/Instructors may borrow maximum 03 books at a time for 30 days.
  • Books which are rare or Books of References shall not be issued from the Library.
  • A fine of taka 01(One) for each book/material for the first week and taka 05(Five) from the next week and taka 5/- for each CD/DVD per day will be imposed after due date till the return of the book.
  • If the borrowed library material is not returned within 03 weeks after due date, it will be assumed that the borrowed item has been lost by the borrower. He/she will, thereby, be liable for the full of replacement cost and accumulated fines for the item borrowed.
  • There is no option of fine waiver except medical ground. For fine waiver or reduction of fines, students may apply to the Librarian through course coordinator mentioning the proper reason(s) along with relevant doctor's prescription or hospital documents, etc.
  • The Librarian may refuse to lend out books to any member stating the reason for such refusal.
  •  The library is a place of self-study; user’s behavior should reflect this and they should respect the needs of others.
  •  Silence is to be strictly maintained inside the library and any form of noise is not allowed in and around the library.
  •  The consumption of foods and drinks and use of mobile phones are not permitted inside the library.
  •  Personal books/spiral bindings/envelops/any kind of files are not allowed inside the library.
  •   Mobile phones should be silenced/switched off inside the library.
  •  During leaving BSMRMU permanently, a student or teacher or officer or staff leaves, he/she must be required to take library clearance certificate from the Librarian.

Replacements/Compensation for Lost Item:

  • An application addressing to the Librarian is required for replacement or compensation for lost item mentioning the actual reason(s).
  • The borrower must replace the lost book/CD/DVD-ROM by a new and unused copy of the same author(s), title, and edition. The old edition can be replaced by the latest edition or Compensation must be paid as determined by the Librarian.
  • User will be liable for the full of replacement cost and accumulated fines for the item borrowed.
  • Compensation for library materials damaged or lost by the borrower will be assessed by the committee, and this assessment is final.
  • Replacements/compensation procedure for lost or damaged items should be completed within next 07 working days after placing application.