Message from the Head of the Depart..

Message from the Head of the Department (NAOE)

Bangladesh has over millennia of a proud history of shipbuilding and sea expeditions. Steeped in history and the drive for achieving sustainable technological development for achieving regional and global competency in the maritime sector, the government established the first public maritime university in 2013. The Department of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering (NAOE) was formed with the view of creating a new generation of naval engineers with excellent theoretical and practical backgrounds in the field of shipbuilding and offshore engineering.

The graduates of NAOE will confidently deal with diverse modern marvels of engineering- from the world’s largest moving cargo ships to sail yachts, fast ferries to offshore wind turbines and oil platforms, etc. They will be trained with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and engineering software so that they can learn and execute the design, construction, installation, and operation of machinery and propulsion systems for ships and marine structures.

Apart from core naval architecture subjects, the department offers a range of specialized marine engineering-related subjects, such as control theory, engineering mechanics, material science, electrical systems, marine engines (diesel, gas turbine, etc.), propeller and shafting systems, system design, numerical simulation, and renewable energy.


Dr. Md. Sadiqul Baree
Professor, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering