Department of Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management

Coastal and Maritime Tourism is the number one sector of blue economy of Bangladesh comprising 25% of the revenue generated from the blue economy (Asian Development Bank, 2021). Coastal and Maritime Tourism can open the door to immense possibilities for Bangladesh as its territorial water now extends over an area of 118,813 km2 across the Bay of Bengal with a 710 km long coastal area.

The Department of Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management has started its journey to create skilled human resources for the rapidly growing maritime tourism and hospitality industry at home and abroad. This department is the country’s first Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management department which is specialized in the Maritime area.

The Department is committed to providing an excellent teaching and learning environment and establishing an effective system that helps in elevating the educational process. This Department wants to establish itself as an iconic department through an even balance between theoretical and practical expertise, while also keeping aligned with the labour market to promote the tourism industry in a way that goes with Bangladesh's status regionally and globally.

Faculty Members:

Md. Saiful Islam

Assistant Professor (Maritime Tourism & Hospitality Management)


Nora Islam

Lecturer (Maritime Tourism & Hospitality Management)