MBA in Marine Tourism and Hospitali..

MBA in Marine Tourism and Hospitality Management

Currently, the Department of Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management is offering MBA in Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management program. MBA in Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management (MTHM) is 1.5-year industry attractive post-graduate program designed with 15 theoretical courses, 2 types of development courses and an internship/thesis. Total credit for the program is 60. The MBA program includes a total of 3 study tours, 2 domestic and 1 international, for gathering practical knowledge and experience in the real-life tourism industry.

The department is preparing for offering a 4-year BBA in Maritime Tourism and Hospitality Management program.

Vision of the Program

Providing sound intellectual, entrepreneurial and practical skills to students and developing

them as world-class postgraduate to penetrate the maritime tourism and hospitality sectors as

well as other service sectors.

Mission of the Program

For achieving the vision, we focus on -

  • Developing the students in relevant areas of maritime tourism and hospitality management to be professional.
  • Encouraging the high professional standards within the maritime tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Encouraging the life-long learning and continuous professional development.
  • Promoting the mutual recognition of qualifications across the globe.

Program Objectives

The program aims at developing a strong business sense and ability to identify and utilize the business opportunity in the environment along with the ability to establish and operate business organization in the dynamic business environment especially in the field of hotel and tourism. The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide the most relevant curriculum that will incorporate the most innovative teachings and practical knowledge as applied to tourism and hospitality management.
  2. To prepare students for competitive markets worldwide with an education focused on a global business perspective and cultural awareness.
  3. To develop students into future leaders of the business world by providing pertinent industry knowledge that can be applied to tourism and hospitality management.
  4. To teach students how to be successful decision makers by exposing them to real world examples through industrial visits, company presentations, global study trips and more.
  5. To deliver an education with a strong philosophy embedded in business ethics and sustainability.

Career opportunities

Tourism needs motivated, educated people who understand the wider environmental, social and economic issues affecting maritime tourism businesses. With the broad business education gained by BSMRMU graduates, you can work in:

  • Cruise ships
  • marketing co-ordinators
  • events and meetings co-ordinators
  • economic development officers
  • accommodation and restaurant/business managers
  • operation co-ordinators or managers
  • museum curators
  • tourism organizations – e.g. Bangladesh Tourism Board
  • tour guides and operators - Self-employed
  • researchers, academics, policy makers and planners
  • event management – business and corporate events, exhibitions and convention events, private events such as weddings and celebrations
  • food and beverage management – sales, quality assurance, regional outlet management
  • online travel company roles – market development, pricing and revenue, marketing and sales
  • entrepreneurs in the services industry like tour entrepreneurs, clubs, travel and event organizer, restaurant and hotel owner, and many others