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Department of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

Faculty Members

Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering is increasingly vital in the search for energy resources in the context of the Blue Economy. However, Bangladesh is yet to have any formal education in this sector, especially in the field of Offshore Engineering. To fill this gap, the only specialized public maritime university, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Bangladesh (BSMRMU) has introduced the Department of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering. The department will help the nation to meet the engineering needs of the maritime and offshore industries by providing specialized knowledge pertinent to these industries.

Graduates from this department will be able to develop their careers as structural engineers, naval architects, subsea engineers, drilling engineers, and project managers. In their challenging career, they will need to design, plan and manage the construction, installation, operation, maintenance of ships, offshore platforms, and subsea systems.

The department started its formal journey under the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) by introducing a Bachelor Programme in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering. The first batch of BSc in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering program started their class in January 2018.

Undergraduate Admissions:

General information regarding undergraduate admission into  BSc in NAOE:

  1. Students from the Science Division having a minimum GPA set by the admission committee in both SSC and HSC examinations (or their equivalent) may apply for admission.
  2. Candidates must appear for the written entrance examination.
  3. Candidates will be selected finally based on their combined marks obtained in the written admission test, HSC/equivalent examination, and SSC/equivalent examination.

BSc in NAOE Curriculum

BSMRMU’s NAOE curriculum is structured around building the fundamentals of the discipline augmented by hands-on experience that employers have found to be critical. Students have the opportunities to put their skills into real-world practice.

BSMRMU’s NAOE curriculum is structured around building the fundamentals of the discipline augmented by hands-on experience that employers have found to be critical. Students have the opportunities to put their skills into real-world practice.

Students learn about

  • Ship Design
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Applied Finite Element Methods
  • Environmental impacts of naval and offshore engineering
  • Mechanics of materials
  • Propulsion and energy systems
  • Offshore structures, survey, and engineering management

The Bachelor of Science degree in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering program has modern laboratory facilities that prepare the student for the challenges of the 21st century. In this context design and construction of a 120 m long towing tank along with an ocean basin has been undertaken by the University.

The first and second-year courses focus on building strong conceptual and analytical abilities in the basic subjects of Thermofluids, Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Bangla literature, Sociology and Economics, etc. The third and fourth-year courses introduce students to the basics of Ship Structure and Design, Numerical Analysis, Marine Hydrodynamics, Marine Engine Propulsion, Safety Analysis, and Offshore Engineering. Students take part in a Ship Design project and presentation in the third year and also in thesis work in the final year to develop their research skills and work on both experimental and simulation-based works.

Download BSc in NAOE curriculum 

Undergraduate Degree Performance Awards

  1. Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: Merit-based scholarship awarded by the honorable vice-chancellor to students who achieve a semester GPA of 3.75 or higher.
  2. BSMRMU Stipend:  Merit-based scholarship is given to the students if their parent's annual income is not sufficient and if the students achieve a semester GPA of 3.50 or higher.

Student Organizations

Engineering education is one of the most demanding disciplines. But studying engineering is also fun thanks to a wealth of engaging extracurricular activities in the university which encourages professional, personal, and leadership development.

Faculty mentored extracurricular clubs offer social activities, projects, and opportunities to participate in regional and national conferences and competitions. BSMRMU’s extracurricular clubs are as follows:

BSMRMU Science Club

Science club is focused on developing the inquisitive minds of our future. The club arranges seminars, webinars, science fairs, projects, competitions to introduce students to the latest development in the field of science and technology.

BSMRMU Hiking Club

BSMRMU Hiking Club offers the students to have a break from the regular class routine and refresh their minds. Hiking, adventure tours, trekking, etc. help the students improve their physical development.

BSMRMU Photography Club

The goal of the photography club is to orient the students to the beauties of our natural world and promote creativity. Competitive mindsets are also encouraged through several University and national photography competitions and events.

BSMRMU Cultural Club

BSMRMU Cultural Club always works to uplift the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh through music, drama, recitation, dance, literature, and drawing. The Cultural Club organizes cultural programs on various national days and festivals and it provides a common platform to students for developing their talents through different cultural activities.

BSMRMU Debating Club

The debate club works to enhance the logical, analytical reasoning, and language proficiency of the students. Throughout the year, club members participate in various training sessions, workshops, national and international competitions to perfect their skills.

Faculty Members:

Dr. Md. Sadiqul Baree

Professor, Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering

Md Munir Hassan

Distinguished Expert

Cdr Md. Irfan Mahdee, (E), psc, BN

Associate Professor, NAOE

Dr. S M Rashidul Hasan

Assistant Professor (NAOE)

Mehran Islam (On Study Leave)

Lecturer (Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering)) )

Md. Jobayer Mia

Lecturer (Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering)

Md. Riad Khan

Lecturer (Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering) )