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Bangladesh Maritime Journal (BMJ) established by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University is committed to publishing high quality articles of faculty members and researchers of public and private universities, institutes and organizations both in home and abroad. BMJ is a peer reviewed journal and its reviewers are scholars of different esteemed universities and institutes both in home and abroad. BMJ has both print (2519-5972) and online (2520-1840) version and so it is accessible to all researchers.

Volume 7 Issue 1 January 2023

Table of Contents

1 Maritime Security Cooperation in Indian Ocean: Prospects and Way Ahead for IORA
Rear Admiral Khaled Iqbal (retd)

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2 Geo-resource exploration for sustainable development of energy in Bangladesh constraints of geological and geophysical studies of the continental shelf
Dr. Aftab Alam Khan

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3 Emerging Blue Economy for Bangladesh: Opportunities, Challenges and Way Forward
M. Golam Sharwar, M. Ziauddin Alamgir, Arif Mahmud

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4 Variation of Surface Chlorophyll-a and its Teleconnection to the Climatological Factors in the Bay of Bengal
Md Masud-Ul-Alam, Mohammad Azharul Islam, S. M. Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Ashif Imam Khan, Md. Alamgir Hossain, Khan Mohammad Ibtehal, Adiba Mosharraf

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5 The Marine Fisheries Act 2020: An Appraisal
Sunanda Majumdar, Khalid Mahmud Bappy, Sheikh Mehbuba Moitree, Md. Sarjahan Hossain

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6 Offshore Industry in Bangladesh: Present Status and Future Prospect to Contribute for National Economy
Farhana Arzu1, Naveed Anjum, Md. Mahmudul Hassan

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7 65-Day Marine Fisheries Ban Period Bangladesh’s perspective on Blue Economy
Najmus Sayadat, Md. Towfiqul Arif, A.N.M. Nazim Uddin, S. M. Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Mukhlesur Rahman, Shoukot Kabir Chowdhury, K M Shahriar Nazrul, Sarker Rafiqul, Asadujjaman, Tanvir

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8 Textbook and teaching materials evaluation A Top-down understanding
Kazi Dawood Hafiz1 , Dr. Kh. Atikur Rahman2*, Dr. Prodhan Mahbub Ibna Seraj3 , Dr. Mariam Begum4

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9 Determining Tourism Carrying Capacity of Inani Beach, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh
Md Saiful Islam, Marzia Khandaker Momo, Md Kamrul Hassan

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10 A Review of the Blue Economy of Bangladesh through the Marine and Coastal Tourism Lens
Azra Rifat, Rezoana Alam

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11 Estimate of Emission Caused by the Operation of Proposed Support Service and Utility Vessels for Chittagong Port
M Reaz H Khondoker, K Rasel Hasan

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12 The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea: The State of Compliance in Bangladesh
Jenifar Nesa Popi, M Ziauddin Alamgir, Wahid Hasan Kutubuddin

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13 A Remote Sensing Approach for Identifying and Mapping the Coastal Urban Heat Island in Bangladesh through Temperature Modeling
M. R. Ashikur, M. H. Sazzad, R. S. Rupom

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14 Necessity of DNA barcoding to identify prospective marine organisms in Bangladesh
Maksuda Akter, Firoza Rahman, Sheikh Shohag, Dr Mohammad Nazir Hossain

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15 Marine Litter: A Persistent Cumulative Threat to Bangladesh Environment
Zawata Afnan, Syeda Masuma Khanam

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16 Smart Port Management Practices and Implementation An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach
Mohammed Mojahid Hossain Chowdhury, Dr. Mohammed Al Shareef, Md. Mostafa Aziz Shaheen, Sunanda Majumdar

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